From classical orchestrated with real acoustic instruments, voices or chorus to electronic futuristic music

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Surround Music

Three-dimensional music samples for 5.1 speaker systems

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Musical Composition

Smooth Jazz, Metal Rock, Electronic, Dance, House, New age categorized styles music samples

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Playing:Latin Wave

CJ Guerrero Music offers a professional soundtrack service for films, videogames, TV and other audiovisual products in almost any musical style.

With more than ten years experience in music creation and production the work system fulfills the customer requirements for implemented soundtracks personalized and synchronized to the image following about genre and style, all necessary steps for the final piece composition, music production, arrangement, mixing and final mastering.

There’s also a section with music produced in surround format 5,1 with available samples.*5.1 Speaker system is necessary to listen the balanced music accordingly.

This is a promotional web with multiple songs and soundtrack samples in many different styles divided by sections. These sound and musical pieces had been registered, holding copyrigth, in many cases are already published pieces and cannot be used without express consent.